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Wholesale SIP Trunking

Coast to Coast DID Footprint

Distributel has become the wholesale provider of choice for global Carriers and Resellers with their own switching infrastructures, looking for a reliable CLEC partner for Wholesale DID’s and SIP Trunking in Canada. Being Canada’s SIP Trunking pioneer has accelerated the growth of our footprint to an astounding 2000 Canadian rate centres and growing. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a fully featured voice and data wholesale experience with high quality and uninterrupted network availability, that exceeds all industry standards and practices.

In addition to our sizeable CLEC footprint and exceptional network uptime, Distributel also offers several exclusive value-added solutions that will aid in the management and growth of your wholesale business.


Wholesale SIP Trunks are provisioned with an additional 50% capacity allotted for "channel bursting." The additional channels reside on your trunk group at no cost, unless utilized, and behave as a “safety net” to protect against spikes in your business. With Distributel, there are no busy signals or paying for unused capacity; when you need the capacity, it’s always available.


The uControl API provides our wholesalers with unprecedented access and functionality for the management of their wholesale account. Whether it’s to order new SIP channels, DID’s, LNP, downloading CDR’s or checking trunk utilization, uControl will provide complete automation for all day to day activity in the managing of your account through our portal or available API.


Distributel offers Surecall as the ultimate failover solution that allows users to specify a call forwarding number for each active DID, and will only forward calls in the event of connectivity issues. SureCall is an insurance policy that guarantees network survivability, is free of charge on all Distributel DID’s, and is easily managed through uControl.

Class 4/Class 5 Core Switching Technology

Distributel utilizes industry leading softswitches from Metaswitch and Ribbon throughout our network. We ensure optimal routing and latency on our National IP Network to ensure the highest quality for calls across Canada. Our switching technology also supports geographical diversity at the media gateway and signaling layer, to ensure network resiliency and survivability.

As your Underlying CLEC, We’ll Provide you with:

Choose From 3 Flexible SIP Billing Models:

*All SIP billing models are accompanied by complimentary bursting channels.


Network specifications and capabilities:

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