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Distributel Wholesale invites established Carriers and Resellers to become wholesalers for our broad range of reliable and competitively priced Internet solutions. We can help you become an ISP without having to invest in the hardware or network infrastructure that normally accompanies such a deployment. We do this by enabling wholesalers immediate and competitively priced access to all our FTTN, Cable and DSL Internet solutions for resale, under your own brand.

Why Become an ISP Reseller?

Canada is promising exceptional technological growth through improved connectivity and you could be part of this growth. Our Internet resale solutions have been specifically designed in a “turnkey” fashion to help new and established wholesalers, both large and small, easily enter the market with little to no upfront investment. Our Internet reseller program provides access across the country at varying speeds for:




Distributel wholesale Internet offering is accompanied by Banff, our fully automated user portal that is also available with an optional API. Banff provides endless functionality including serviceability and speed validation, end to end provisioning, order status and tracking, along with several other components to assist in managing your Internet business. Banff’s automation provides for seamless interaction with Distributel, allowing you to focus on marketing, sales and support.

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